Groups 2019 Fall.

GROUPS Fall 2019


ACTS 29 GROUPS are designed for 10 – 15 people who meet weekly to encourage, support & strengthen one another through prayer, Bible discussion & personal sharing. The goal is to hear and apply what the Spirit is saying to the church groups are listed below. 


All groups began the week of September 23, but people can join at any time if space is available. For families with kids, 3 of the groups (marked with *) are on Wednesday night and close to the church so that parents can drop their kids off at Awana and then attend a group.



 Red Letters of Luke, at the home of Jason and Gwen Levine, Address: 11647 Mellow Court WPB, FL 33411 # 561-542-3742



*Lake Worth - Home of Barry and Shari Dubinsky (REVEAL Awana for childcare)- Address: 7574 Bristol Bay Lane Lake Worth, FL 33467 # 561-267-7070


West Palm Beach - Home of Eileen and Amy Roby (no child care) - Address 2820 Tennis Club Drive Apt. 206 West Palm Beach, FL 33417 #561-506-4157



Lake Worth, Ladies Acts 29 Group at Reveal Fellowship, 8431 Lake Worth Road Lake Worth, FL 33467 #845-536-3870


Spiritual Warfare: What the Bible Says About Your Battles

This 12-week course unlocks the spiritual realm for believers to better understand the battles they face in their everyday life. We will use the lens of scripture to examine: 
What are strongholds and Satanic treaties?
Are generational curses Biblical?
How do we gain spiritual authority over demonic possession and oppression?
What is the purpose of fasting and worship in spiritual warfare?
How do I use the armor of God?
Led by Pastor Tye Riter Tuesday nights from 7-9PM at REVEAL beginning September 24. Cost: $10. 

Emotionally Healthy Relationships

This 9-week course will equip you with practical tools to really love people in difficult situations and mature into an adult follower of Jesus. It is a shorter and more intensive version of Life Skills. Led by Pastor Norm. Course Materials: $20. Tuesday Nights 7-9 PM at Reveal beginning September 24.

Old Testament Experience: Part 1

For many Christians, the Old Testament seems like a somewhat random compilation of history, poems, prophecies and strange stories of miraculous events.  But how does it all fit together, and particularly how does it relate to the New Testament?  In Luke 24:27, Jesus answered this question.  He said the entire Old Testament Scripture speaks of Him.  In this class, we will begin to learn what Jesus meant when He made this remarkable statement.  Old Testament Experience, full-year class, combines a traditional Survey of the Old Testament, with an in-depth look at the beauty and majesty of these books of the Bible.  Students will learn that the handiwork of God is even reflected in the literary structure and language of these books. All of the Old Testament books speak of Jesus our Redeemer in incredible ways most of us have never seen.  As we uncover these great truths, one thing is certain: the student will never look at the Old Testament in the same way, as the story of our Savior unfolds in these ancient pages. Old Testament Part 1: 12 Weeks on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 PM, beginning September 25.